1517 Media

Our Culture

We work to make a difference. We work passionately, channeling our creativity and collaboration to bring messages of knowledge, light, and hope to churches, classrooms, and homes. We feel called to this work, and nurture both ideas and people in everything we do.

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Our work is a calling.
Balance and meaning matter.

Diversity & Inclusion

All people are created equal, so we are called to continually grow in our understanding of what it means to welcome all. It is imperative to the mission of 1517 Media that we strive to create an environment of inclusiveness, equity, and respect for all regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, nation of origin, race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status—and to collaborate with contributors whose visions celebrate the diversity of our world.

Who Works Here

We are writers, editors, designers, developers, project managers, researchers, and analysts, working in community to bring change to the world.


Find a role that uses your gifts for the greater good. Be a part of something bigger


No busy work here. Really engage in getting important things done.